Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ethan vocab

I am glad I am blessed enough to be able to spend Ethan's days with him. Sometimes he really pushes my buttons, and I have considered the repercussions of leaving him on the front porch with a sign that says "free to good home", but in the end he really is a great kid and I'm glad God gave him to us. For one, who the heck would translate for Troy when he comes home from work?

Zin = raisins
Na = banana
Lo = yogurt
Boo= blue
Geen= green
Abbo= apple
Dino = vitamins
Doot= fart
Num = yummy food of any kind
Mo num = gimme some more of that!
Minima= peanut butter, mr potatohead, and grandma. Although grandma recently got a new name: Mimi

Friday, December 5, 2008

Well, it's been a little over a month since I decided to use housework as a distraction. Lo and behold it worked. I've been happier, the house has been cleaner, and I get to sleep later in the mornings because I don't have to run to the basement and hurriedly iron a shirt for my husband before he goes to work. (So I wake up at 5 instead of 4:30. I guess that's still considered sleeping in isn't it?

Update on Ethan: he's still learning the alphabet, and knows about half of it. He surprised me two days ago when he pointed to a U and said "u!" He said purple for the first time too. Now if I could just get him to use the potty chair. We have until next fall so he can start pre-school. That should be enough time.

I've been studying Korean for the last few days. 1. I thought it would make my mom happy, and actually I did get to surprise her by telling her that I can speak a little Korean - in Korean. 2. I need to learn it so I can teach Ethan. I think it's important for him to be fluent in another language, and why not Korean since it's part of his heritage? 3. I've been watching a lot of Korean music videos on youtube, and I was curious to know what they are singing about.

I guess the good thing right now though, is that I can enjoy the music without regard to the lyrics. Then again, what if I'm like that German family in the "learn english" commercial???

Monday, November 17, 2008

Operation Rat Bastard: a complete success!

This morning at 5:30 I reached into the silverware drawer to pull out a fork as I was packing my husband's lunch: leftover chicken stirfry. (yum!) Something wiggled in the back of the drawer and caught my eye, so I pulled the drawer all the way open. There it was. The anarchist struggled against the gluetrap. I felt kind of bad for it, because I know it was just succumbing to the temptation of Mo's Bacon Bar, and who doesn't need a little chocolate now and then? I picked up the trap and set it in a plastic bin, and I promised the little mouse that I would release it after I finished packing Troy's lunch.

As promised, I dribbled a little vegetable oil on the mouse until it was free, and it jumped back into the plastic bin. After Ethan woke up and had breakfast, we loaded the bin into the back of my suv and took the mouse for a drive. We released it in a field a few miles from our house. Operation Rat Bastard was a complete success!

Now I must go scrub the hell out of all of the silverware and disinfect the drawer.